Rivercity English School 


has two Tokyo schools,

in Tsukishima and Kachidoki


Rivercity English School is a place where students can develop their own imagination, creativity, love of learning and build confidence through first-hand experiences.  Regarding English learning, we are actively aiming for fast language growth from our students.

Why Natural English Online? 


Hello and welcome to Natural English Online!


Natural English is an online English learning program created by Rivercity English School in Tokyo, Japan in conjunction with many ESL experts.


A child's development, especially in the first five years, is critical and lasts a lifetime. The development of our brains determines who and how we will become when we grow up. 

Neuroscientists have found that by the time a child is three years old, 90% of the brain is developed and early experiences have a greater impact on development than genetics.

Up to the age of seven, our brains are capable of learning languages other than our mother tongue smoothly, but as we grow older, our brains block sounds that are not part of our mother tongue. This is why adults have a hard time learning a new language and find it difficult to have good English pronunciation.

To be able to speak well, it is good to learn the sounds of the phonemes and to focus on speaking training.


In many years of teaching English in our schools we were not able to find great materials to practice speaking with. That's when we decided to create our own, and developed "Talking Training", an English learning material that focuses on speaking practice by listening to a rhythm, repeating, and practicing the natural spoken English of native speakers.


We offer families and kids easy ways to learn spoken English at home and at school.


We suggest creating an English environment that can be easily done at home and practicing simple English repetition by using Natural English.


We hope that many people who are learning English will will find these materials can bridge a gap and help kids to pick up skills quickly.


From audio to semi DVDs

The finished products were tested in classrooms from 2017 and teachers and students enjoyed seeing results with listening, comprehension and reading. The skits are seen as an excellent tool for a first step to making a huge jump into English learning while having fun!


The skits were written and recorded to fill a teaching gap of making sure all kids were getting used to all the common language for their year

CDs were pressed at Universal Music Japan

An illustrator made visual slides to give hints at the meaning of the language used

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