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In addition to Natural English Speaking Training, which is designed to help students learn the spoken language of native speakers, the program includes many other English learning contents that are introduced in this video.

Please watch the 3-minute introduction video.

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Natural English

Speaking Training

This is  speaking training material to practice word combinations, expressions, nouns, verbs, and phrases commonly used in conversation by native-speaking children of all ages. These are age targeted (ie three year old kids study language made especially for 3 year old kids).

Many useful English phrases are presented by professional narrators from the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia. 

Phonemes with Ali

Learning the sounds of the alphabet

Master the English sounds necessary to improve your English. The English language has about 44 "phonemes," or sounds. Students learn the basic sounds of English to have accurate pronunciation.

Based on phonemic awareness, "Phonemes with Ali" provides practice in recognizing the smallest unit of sound in a word, the phoneme, in order to be able to recognize and use the sounds in spoken English on your own.

Phonics with Ali

Learning Phonics

Phonics is a way of teaching children how to read and write. It teaches the relationships between written language and the sounds of spoken language. 

For example, to teach a word "cat",  you would say the individual sounds that match each letter - in this case, /k/ for 'c', /æ/ for 'a', and /t/ for 't'. Then, you combine these sounds together to say the word "cat."

"Phonics with Ali" provides a foundation for learning to read and write English, and the downloadable phonics worksheets can be used to practice writing letters and words at home.

Arts & Craft + Monthly Theme Study

Arts & Crafts|Themes studies with digital flashcards

"Art with Ali" allows students to create cute arts and crafts,

Downloadable templates are available, including instructional materials and art templates.

Flashcards with Ali" are digital flashcards with colorful illustrations that allow users to learn vocabulary for each theme.

You can learn English vocabulary through themes such as sports, weather, animals, fish, and many other common themes in daily life.

Downloadable materials are also available, making it ideal for theme-based learning at home or in the classroom.

Grammar with Ali

Developing English grammar skills naturally

Native English speaking children naturally learn grammatical expressions appropriate to scenes and situations in context through daily life. They acquire grammatical structures through conversation and play. For example, they learn the past tense by playing games and reflecting on everyday events.

"Grammar with Ali" teaches grammar concepts through example sentences and pictures in a simple way that is effective and memorable for children. The goal of these learning videos is for students to learn English grammar in a natural and sensory way.

Using illustrations and photos, English grammar is explained in a simple and intuitive way, with lots of example sentences and hours of listening and speaking practice. 

Practice Regularly
with Commonly Used Phrases

 Consistency is critical to language learning success. Short bursts of frequent learning are more effective than long periods of study, and Natural English Online helps learners build their conversational skills by practicing common phrases that appear in everyday conversations.

In "Animals with Ali," children can practice common phrases with animal names.

"Sentences with Ali" focuses on practical phrases and sentences used in everyday life.

"Jolly Phonics with Ali" allows students to practice pronouncing and blending the sounds of each letter of the alphabet learned in each Jolly Phonics group, and to read them as words. This is a great tool for children who have already studied Jolly Phonics.

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Why Choose Natural English Online? 

Welcome to Natural English Online! 

Are you interested in mastering spoken English like a native speaker? 

Achieving proficiency in English requires years of consistent exposure, practice, and interaction.

We provide easy ways to effectively learn spoken English.


Native English Online is an English learning material that focuses on enhancing speaking skills through rhythm-based listening, repetition, and engagement with the authentic speech patterns of native speakers. Created by Rivercity English School in Tokyo, Japan in collaboration with numerous ESL experts.

A child's development, especially in the first five years, is critical and lasts a lifetime. The development of our brains determines who and how we will become when we grow up. 

More than 20 years of English teaching experience, our steadfast dedication to enhancing children's English language skills has molded Natural English Online into a valuable and enjoyable tool for families, educators, and children worldwide. 

Natural English Online can help creating an English environment that can be easily done at home, and practicing simple English repetition.


We hope that many English learners will find these materials can bridge a gap and help kids to pick up skills quickly.

Paving the Way for Kids' Language Proficiency

Revolutionary videos leverage kids' memory skills, merging auditory and visual cues.

From first vocalizations to understanding phonemes, these videos facilitate language learning.

They decode word nuances, including pitch and stress, unraveling language's hidden meanings. 

It’s fun and easy!

There’s a space in the music to copy what you hear

Copy the native speaker’s intonation

Practice the essential English for your age group

Beginners or otherwise will grow in confidence with this program

The material has been developed by ESL experts

The content is graded carefully for each age level

 The most popular word combinations, expressions, sounds, verbal cues and idioms

 The most commonly spoken words, verbs, nouns, phrases and sentences

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