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Watch the 2-minute introductory video with MC Ali!

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Natural English

Age 3 Feature

Natural English age corresponding to the ages of English-speaking children.

In Age 3, professional narrators from the UK, Canada, USA, and Australia introduce the most popular word combinations, expressions, alphabets and phrases that 3-year-olds commonly use in conversation, such as "this one" "that one" and "I want this one, please!"

Online Preschool - Online Kinderschool Circle Time

We will focus on fun and engaging actions for children ages 3-5 and 6-7.

Through this online class, we help little ones learn English in a fun way.  Our goal is to help children become creative and enthusiastic learners

Natural English

Age 4 Feature

In Age 4, kids can learn the alphabet, common words and phrases  in a fun way with friendly characters and images such as "A is for animal",  "young/old" and "day/night".  The program provides rhythmic practice of word combinations, expressions, alphabets, words, and phrases that 4-year-olds often use in conversation

Natural English

Age 5 Feature

In Age 5, children will learn popular questions and answers used in conversations such as "What's the matter?", "I'm sleepy". Countables and uncountables like "some water", "a little water", "not enough water", "too much water" are useful expressions that native speakers often use in conversation

Natural English

Age 6 Feature

In Age 6, students will learn common conversational phrases such as "Where shall we go?", "I was waiting" and "I've waited an hour" as well as nouns, verbs, questions, and words. They will be learning grammar construction while hardly thinking about it

Natural English

Age 7 Feature

In Age 7, there are many phrases that are useful even for adults, such as "What's it like?", "Why'd you do it?", and "Where are you gonna go?" Although Age 7 content is for 7 year old children, it actually contains many phrases that should be mastered by children to adult English learners

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Base contents

12 units with 5 points


1 Alphabet and numbers

2 Phonemes and Phonics

3 Greetings and basic phrases

4 Q&A

5 Basic vocabulary


Meet Sam and Ali - Your MCs 

and Wombie & friends


With the help of MCs Ali and Sam, cute animal characters Wombie and friends, children can learn the basic sounds of English and frequently used words and phrases in conversation

Your child can speak fluently too! 

Listen and repeat to a year's worth of age-targeted video content.

Or take online English classes with a real teacher for children as young as 3!

Or select a combination of various offers that will suit your family!

This simple approach makes it easy for any children to get started right away! 

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Just listen and repeat!

 It's so simple...

Low prices!

Subscribing to video channels or taking online zoom classes with  excellent teachers - both give you huge savings!

Bonus features!

Your children can pick up the meanings intuitively - and learn to read!

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A unique program … 


Kids learn new words, how to combine them                                                                                                                                                and thousands of varieties of sounds


– all to a driving musical rhythm ...                                      


Just listen and repeat!

                 It's fun!

           There’s a rhythmic space

              to use your voice


Sam and Ali  -  Your MCs!

 You can do it kids!

Essential language

             Targeted training

                   for all ages

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Essential language for each year


The material has been developed by ESL experts

 who have selected the most commonly spoken words, verbs, nouns, phrases and sentences for each age group


Beginners or otherwise will grow in confidence with this program 


There’s a space in the music to copy what you hear


It’s fun and easy!


Copy the native speaker’s intonation and practice the essential English for your age group


The skits have been produced by Rivercity English School – owner of two pre-schools in Tokyo


Over five years of trials in international schools and ESL large groups have shown this system to cover the essentials in English language while training in a fun and effective way 



these videos will help to get kids take their first steps while using their phenomenal memory skills to relate auditory and visual cues into a great language knowledge


 It is the first try – the first vocalization, the first comprehension link, sounding out the 45 English phonemes, where kids can start the mechanization and physical process of copying sounds and learning how words combine to express thoughts


 The sounds, pitch, pronunciation, fluency, stress, are where a lot of the meanings of words are hidden, and kids can pick these up! 


 The content is graded carefully for each age level – the most popular word combinations, expressions, sounds, verbal cues and idioms for ages three to over ten years old, using professional narrators from England, Canada, America, Australia...


Video channels for Age 3 through Age 7 

 + online lessons  with great teachers

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