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ESL English for kids

Short & fun English learning videos for children to practice


speaking, listening, reading and writing


ESL video subscription service with age targeted language for ages 3-7

Preschool English lessons online

Give your child a headstart

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Watch the 4:25-minute introductory video with MC Ali!

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Meet Sam and Ali - Your MCs 

and Wombie & friends


With the help of MCs Ali and Sam, cute animal characters Wombie and friends, children can learn the basic sounds of English and frequently used words and phrases in conversation

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Your child can speak fluently too! 

Listen and repeat to a year's worth of age-targeted video content.

Or take online English classes with a real teacher for children as young as 3!

Or select a combination of various offers that will suit your family!

This simple approach makes it easy for any children to get started right away! 

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It's fun and easy

 Just listen and repeat!

It's so simple...

Low prices!

Subscribing to video channels or taking online zoom classes with  excellent teachers - both give you huge savings!

Bonus features!

Your children can pick up the meanings intuitively - and learn to read!

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A unique program … 


Kids learn new words, how to combine them                                                                                                                                                and thousands of varieties of sounds


– all to a driving musical rhythm ...                                      


Just listen and repeat!

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